About us

Life Sensors

  Life Sensor offers a wide range of services designed to help with diagnostics, treatment, and prevention of socially significant systemic conditions.  The main purpose of Life Sensor is to promote health by providing specific information about the physiological processes taking place in our bodies.  Life Sensor will be able to identify subtle changes in our bodily functions and detect dangerous diseases at their early stages or simply help those who want to improve their overall physical well being.  


 Our Bulgarian company, a part of Global Medical Associations, is devoted to the development of better, more efficient Healthcare systems.



  We are looking to advance the processes of diagnostics and treatment of diseases such as cancer, hepatitis, metabolic diseases.  We are interested in understanding the causes and symptoms of oral diseases and the manifestation of hidden systemic diseases in the oral cavity.  We are devoted to developing and constantly improving technologies which will help make our lives better, healthier and safer.  Our goal is to apply a new standard to the prevention and protection of Health.



  Our mission is to create an accessible and more effective way for diagnostics, treatment, and prevention of various conditions.  We are interested in helping physicians all over the world in receiving more accurate information from physiological processes and effectively using it in order to achieve better results in their fight for their patients’ Health.