Oral Life Sensor

  Oral Life Sensor will be used for identification of certain oral and systemic conditions as well as monitoring results from therapy or other health and sports programs.  Life Sensor will be used for screening status of oral mucosa, tooth structures, saliva content and will detect changes in the condition of bodily systems with the intent to guide dental and medical professionals into a more effective treatment and prevention strategies. Medical professionals can be authorized by their patients and gain access to their Personal Electronic Health card.  Results can be monitored through the duration of a treatment. Patients can check their local and oral status, helping them to understand how their body functions at any point in time.  They will be able to receive notifications when any structures and/or systems are at risk of pathological alterations.  This will be extremely helpful in detecting the heightened risk of oral diseases, cancer, diabetes, viral or bacterial infections among many other dangerous conditions which pose an immediate or delayed threat to our Health and well being.